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This site was set up to act as the home for all my Open Source PHP packages and projects. All packages and projects are Copyright © of Dean Blackborough unless stated otherwise in the README on GitHub.

If you would like to contact about one of my projects please use the contact details listed on GitHub for the relevant project.

This site will eventually have a page/section dedicated to each project, for now, please just follow the links to my GitHub profile.


Active development projects.


Costs to expect: API

The RESTful API for costs to expect, the iOS app and website will consume the data, costs to expect is recording the costs required to raise my child to the age of 18.

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Dlayer - v3

Dlayer is a collection of web tools, extension of the original Dlayer, this project is a rework of the original Dlayer project.

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Utility projects

Small projects that I find useful across a range of apps and web sites.


PHP Quill Renderer

Quill deltas renderer, converts deltas to HTML and markdown, the Quill attributes supported are listed in the table in the README, the goal is to eventually support every Quill feature and add additional parsers.

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Bootstrap 4 helpers

Utility wrapper classes for the Bootstrap 4 view helpers in my ZF3-view-helpers library, allows usage of the view helpers in any PHP site, not just Zend Framework apps.

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Random Grab Bag

A bunch of utility classes that don't currently deserve their own package.

  • Image resizer
  • Excel parser
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Quick start for a PHP/MySQL web app

Bootstrap to help with the setup of a PHP/MySQL web app using Docker for local development, this app does not do anything other than echo phpinfo() it is simply a starting point for your development.

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Zend framework

Helper libraries for my Zend Framework 3 projects.

ZF3 Library

Zend Framework 3 View Helpers

A collection of Zend Framework 3 view helpers, primarily focused on Bootstrap 3 and 4, the plan is to add support for every component within Bootstrap 4 and work from there.

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ZF3 Library

Zend Framework 3 View Helpers Code Completion

Do you like using view helpers? If the answer is yes, you will have noticed there is no code completion for them in your IDE, the classes in this package will solve that problem.

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Dlayer: Responsive web development Archived

A project I have been working on for a number of years, the majority of my small projects spawn from requirements for Dlayer.


Dlayer v Next: migration to Zend Framework 3

Dlayer is an Open Source responsive web development tool aimed primarily at users with limited web design or development experience.

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ZF3 library

Dlayer: View helpers

Custom ZF3 view helpers for Dlayer vNext, some of these view helpers may be useful in your projects, they were created to solve problems within Dlayer vNext, they might be useful to you with minor changes.

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